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"DQE has always provided high quality Hazmat Training.  Their scheduling team and instructors have provided the highest quality of professionalism with my team. I highly recommend DQE over any training agency in the Midwest."

Holzer Health System - Director of Safety


Hospital Patient Evacuation Drill

Patient EvacuationAn evacuation drill in one or more areas of the hospital provides an opportunity to assess staff understanding and application of the evacuation process.  Lessons learned from the experience should be used to refine the various facets of the evacuation procedure to enhance ongoing capabilities.
This practical, hands-on exercise is designed to reinforce and operationalize the core skill competencies required to execute an evacuation of a healthcare facility.  Attendees need to include facility leadership and department managers who have completed DQE’s Hospital Evacuation for Healthcare Managers Training course and have successfully implemented an evacuation capability within their area of responsibility.


The Hospital Patient Evacuation Drill is initiated with a thorough player/observer briefing to clearly identify the scope of play during the exercise and ensure a realistic scenario.  The execution of the evacuation process begins upon two predetermined clinical units (involving staff from those areas) and follows the natural evolution of the event throughout the facility.  The exercise concludes with a hotwash (after-action discussion) allowing participants to voice strengths and areas of opportunities, to further foster this capability within their institution.  
Duration: Will be determined during the planning process
Class Size: Maximum of 25
Class Location: On site at the client hospital