DQE In the News - Keeping Healthcare Providers Safe
October 17, 2014

DQE is featured in an Indiana news channel broadcast detailing how its SafePaq Blood and Virus Protective Kit is helping healthcare organizations stay prepared against Ebola and other infectious diseases.

Emergency Preparedness Bulletin: Ebola Preparedness for the Safety of Patients & Staff
October 14, 2014

In early August we sent out our first Ebola emergency preparedness bulletin outlining practical steps healthcare organizations should be taking to prepare their facilities for a potential patient presenting with Ebola Virus disease. It's understandable that there is an increasing demand for additional information as the outbreak continues to evolve. In this bulletin are the steps we recommended with our first bulletin along with additional activities that should be taken under consideration.


Shawnee Preparedness & Response Coalition - Weathering the Storm
October 15, 2014
Marion, IL

Biologic Casualty Seminar - Baylor Regional Medical Center
October 31, 2014
Grapevine, TX