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Home Health and Hospice

During an emergency event, the mission of home health and hospice is to maintain the primary level of services to its patients while providing potential surge capacity to support a hospital response or community healthcare needs (such as evacuee shelter operations). 

The Home Health and Hospice Plan functions as either a stand alone plan or augments the hospital’s existing Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and incorporates the fundamental principles of all-hazards emergency management.  It utilizes a tailored version of the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) as the overall incident management structure and addresses accreditation standards for home care related to emergency management requirements.


The organization forms a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary planning team that can be actively engaged for the duration of the project. The Home Health and Hospice Plan development process leverages a highly-collaborative planning model that is facilitated by DQE through a series of remote and/or on-site consultation that utilizes proprietary planning tools that focus on:

  • Providing the best possible home care during any type of emergency/disaster
  • Ensuring the emergency preparedness and safety of staff and their clients
  • Ensuring the continuity of critical operations
  • Providing for timely alerts/notifications and dynamic EOP Home Care Support Plan activation
  • Integrating outpatient services with the hospital, public health, and community emergency management initiatives