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Healthcare Training and Consulting

All-Hazards Planning

"We came away with no EM findings on the survey.  The surveyor was very complimentary of the EOP.  We can not thank you enough for helping us create this EMP."

Carolinas Medical Center, Environmental Health & Safety Manager

CBRNE & In-Hospital HazMat Spill Training

Hazardous substances are readily available in various forms and quantities in our homes, businesses, and hospitals. These substances are often economically important, irreplaceable in many circumstances, and also potentially dangerous. An incident involving a hazardous substance challenges the hospital's state of readiness and places the facility and staff at risk of exposure and secondary contamination. Most hazardous materials incidents are a result of human error. Some releases are purely intentional in nature, whose sole purpose is to create confusion, mass injuries, and societal disruption. Releases of hazardous substances most often injure employees, followed by the general public, and less frequently, first responders and school children.

DQE has nearly 25 years of experience in assisting healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. meet their emergency preparedness planning and training needs. Our client list of over 600 facilities includes; critical access, rural and community hospitals, trauma, military and academic centers, specialty hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, as well as coalitions, regional hospital planning groups and associations. At DQE, partnerships and long-term relationships are valued and how we provide our services is as important as the content we deliver. Contact us now to get started.