Mass Care Products

Medical Surge

DQE medical surge products assist healthcare providers and emergency responders in streamlining care and being resilient during a crisis that requires emergency medical surge capacity. These products, including the line of MasCache® Surge Care Products, enable healthcare providers to bed, bathe, clothe, and care for patients while protecting themselves in the process.  Medical surge capacity is increased through easily deployable disposable bed linens, disposable patient gowns, and hospital staff disposable supplies, ready to setup in any treatment area configuration. 

MasCache® POD & MOD Systems

Medical surge care treatment products uniquely packaged and grouped to provide patient care for multiple days.

Disposable Bedding

Disposable bedding for alternate care sites and medical surge.

Patient Gown Kits

Disposable modesty garments for alternative care sites and medical surge.

Patient Hygiene Supplies

Patient Hygeine Supplies for a medical surge on alternate care site.

Infant Care Kits

Disposable infant supplies for convenience and care.

Hospital Staff Disposable Supplies

These hospital staff supplies are used during medical surge situations and for alternate care sites.

Alternate Care Site Supplies

Emergency medical supplies that support the deployment of medical surge.