First Responder Products

HazMat Response Tools

DQE has applied the experience and insight of HazMat responders and industrial workers in developing and selecting high quality HazMat products for varying applications. HazMat response teams are working in an increasing amount of complex and dangerous situations where threats come from a variety of unknown chemical hazards, so responders need chemical identification tools to perform effectively.

Our HazMat leak control kits are a functional collection of the most proven and versatile components for emergency or temporary leak control. Non sparking tools and remediation tools assist in hazardous material cleanup.

HazMat Leak and Spill Kits

Edwards and Cromwell Leak Control Kits that serve a variety of needs.

Containment Berms

DQE spill containment products confine HazMat spills and keep them from spreading.

HazMat Detection

HazMat Smart Strip chemical reactive badge.

Overpack Drums

Contain damaged or leaking drums and containers with Overpack Drums. Available in various sizes.

Hazmat Spill Absorbents

Spill absorbent products.

Non-Sparking Tools

Non-sparking tools for HazMat response where flammable or combustible vapors, liquids, dusts, or residues may be present.

HazMat Remediation Tools

Remediation tools for hazardous materials remediation.