First Responder Products

Fire Rehab

Maintaining a core body temperature of 37°C (98.6°F), while working in demanding environments, is essential to staying safe, healthy, and productive. That is why DQE created the 37°C™ Fire Rehab products.

37°C Fire Rehab equipment supports the NFPA 1584 rehab standard to ensure the well-being of your team and to comply with regulations. Rehab, also known as Emergency Incident Rehabilitation, is an organized process that provides emergency responders with: periods of rest, nourishment, rehydration, recovery, cooling/warming, and medical attention. Without proper rest, rehydration, and nourishment, workers are at an increased risk for illness, injury and death.

DQE carries packages for fire rehab shelter, rehab cooling, rehab warming, and hygiene. All the products are also sold separately. 37°C Fire Rehab products have what you need to perform at your best and Keep Your Core™.

Rehab Packages

Fire Rehab packages that support the NFPA 1584 Rehab Standard

Rehab Shelter

A rehab shelter, folding table, chairs, and additional supplies for establishing a rehab area.

Core Cooling

Misting products, cooling chairs and towels, and change-out clothing to keep cool on the job.

Core Warming

Heater, blankets, and change-out clothing to help quickly warm up when wet or cold.

Rehab Hygiene

Toilet system, privacy screens, and cleaning supplies to remove the grime of the job and provide a sanitary facility for firefighters.

Fire Rehab Accessories

DQE supplies that support a fire rehab area.