Kore Kooler® Rehab Chair

Lower your body temperature through forearm immersion with this cooling chair.

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Combat heat stress with active cooling. This cooling chair provides an effective means of lowering body temperature through hand and forearm immersion. Combined with resting and hydration, hand and forearm immersion is an effective way for firefighters and responders to lower the impact of stress on their health and safety.

The Kore Kooler Rehab Chair relies on direct contact of the skin with a large volume of water through immersion (each arm reservoir can hold several gallons of water). After each rehab, the bags are removed with the water they contain and a new bag is inserted to be filled with clean water.

CTV Ottawa Video: Firefighters Keep Cool in Heat Wave – What to do when having the hottest job is clearly dangerous.

See the Kore Kooler Rehab Chair in action with Oklahoma City Firefighters in the news clip below...


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