MasCache® 48 Hour MOD

Mobile, disposable cabinet with supplies to care for 25 patients for 48 hours.

Price: $4,695.00


Each MOD is two mobile, disposable cabinets that are prepacked with patient care kits, bedding kits, staff scrubs and lab coats. Additional items such as privacy curtains, IV poles, disposable stethoscopes and more are included so that all of the supplies needed for surge care are located in one centralized location. MasCache MODs are versatile enough to meet 2008 Joint Commission recommendations of 96 hours of care. Two MODs provide 96 hours of care supplies, and can be combined as two Adult MODs for 96 hours of adult care, two Pediatric MODs for 96 hours of pediatric care, or one Adult and one Pediatric MOD for combination care.

 Available As

  • MasCache Adult MOD- 48 Hours (MCMOD7)
  • MasCache Pediatric MOD - 48 Hours (MCMOD8)