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Since 1990, DQE has been dedicated to helping medical facilities attain a real, working level of emergency preparedness for disaster-prone events.The DQE founding partners and consulting staff use their personal experience on the front line – as emergency physicians, nurses, firefighters, EMS, public health, and emergency managers - to design and enhance readiness systems that are appropriate, accessible and practical.

DQE guides healthcare organizations and facilities through the many nuances of emergency management in order to enhance and sustain readiness culture. DQE can help hospitals enhance their current state of disaster preparedness - and put together an all-hazards emergency management program that is consistent with national standards and their response objectives, from local HazMat emergencies to mass casualty incidents.

DQE uses the following comprehensive planning, training, facilitated drills, and consulting services to fully support and enhance your facility's readiness efforts in all areas of healthcare emergency management.



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Decon Operations Level Training

"DQE's expertise in hospital decon makes them my preferred choice for training. I like how their program is taylored to hospital personnel and they understand the uniqueness of hospitals."

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator