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Applied HICS for Command & General Staff

Designed to follow our HICS for Healthcare Managers course, the DQE Applied HICS for Command & General Staff course is for staff likely to hold Command and General Staff positions on the Hospital Incident Management Team (HIMT). This course is an operations-level program.  To obtain the greatest benefit from this course, participants should previously have completed the FEMA IS-100, 200, and 700 courses and have experience using the HICS in exercises or events. The first part of the course includes a review of the basic concepts of the HICS, but progresses rapidly so new material and hands-on practice can be maximized.

The course is a focused program that enhances hospital preparedness and provides personnel with the opportunity to refresh and expand their confidence in applying the HICS to remain operational during an emergency and promote the restoration of day-to-day operations in the most efficient and effective manner. The course is taught by an experienced and credentialed instructor and includes the 2014 HICS revisions. At the end of the course, participants will have a better working knowledge of the Incident Action Plan development process and they will be better prepared to function as an effective member of an incident management team.


Held at your facility, this course features lectures, case studies and short, facilitated tabletop exercises to educate, inform and validate that key personnel filling Command and General Staff positions are able to function within the HICS. This course helps you better manage an incident, personnel and resources during a crisis or disaster. Instruction focuses on key learning objectives established for NIMS/ICS and addresses information needed to demonstrate competency, successfully develop an incident organization structure and initiate incident action planning using the appropriate HICS forms.

Duration: 6 hours

Class Size: Maximum of 50

Class Location: On site at the client hospital