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Evacuation Training

"I have done a lot of training over the years and this has to be one of the best. Student evaluations were excellent for each and every session."

South Dakota Department of Health, Hospital Preparedness Coordinator



What's Next® Evacuation Sustainment Program

Maintaining a level of response capability in a skill that is used infrequently can be challenging for any program. Once emergency response training for evacuation is complete, sometimes it's difficult to determine the next steps to sustain your level of preparedness. DQE's Sustainment Program is a response to common requests from hospitals for:

  • An efficient and affordable means to provide ongoing training to hospital staff
  • A standardized mentoring program that could be easily maintained by an internal instructor and/or coordinator
  • A process to provide ongoing support to program management and hospital leadership



The What's Next Evacuation Sustainment Program is available on a yearly basis to all DQE clients, once an evacuation program is completed. One year of the program is included with the purchase of the Hospital Evacuation Training course.