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Emergency Management Planning

"We went through the Joint Commission with flying colors, and the surveyor even commented ours was best practice."

Scipps Green Hospital, Support Operations Director


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Hospital Evacuation Plan

Evacuation is the process of moving patients from an at-risk location to a safer holding area or alternate location within the hospital or skilled nursing facility, another medical building, or a non-medical facility converted for patient care.

The Hospital Evacuation Plan Support Annex is a planning document that augments the hospital’s existing Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and incorporates the fundamental principles of all-hazards emergency management. This comprehensive plan provides a concept of operations for evacuation functions and incident management, staff roles and responsibilities, and provides overall guidance to enable evacuation regardless of the hazard or incident type.


The hospital forms a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary planning team that can be actively engaged for the duration of the project. The annex development process leverages a highly-collaborative planning model that is facilitated by DQE through remote and/or on-site consultation and utilizes a proprietary planning tool that helps create an efficient evacuation process that focuses on:

  • Preventing or minimizing the loss of life and injuries
  • Ensuring patient, visitor and personnel safety
  • Maintaining optimal patient care and life support functions during the evacuation process
  • Integrating the hospital’s preparedness, response, and recovery efforts with those of its community and supporting entities