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"The instructor had a great personality and brought in humor while teaching.  Very refreshing."

Central Valley Hospital, Hospital Administrator


Hospital Decontamination Drill

DQE’s Hospital Decontamination Drill provides hospital leadership and personnel with opportunities to practice and test decontamination capabilities that have been built up through a coordinated process of planning, training, and equipment purchases.  Decon exercises are the primary tool for assessing preparedness and identifying areas for improvement.

Our hospital decontamination drill design and execution is aligned with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP), which provides a standardized methodology and terminology for hospital exercise design, development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning.


The design of our decontamination exercise drill scenario and evaluation tools focus on providing your hospital with an objective assessment of your decontamination capabilities so that strengths are reinforced and gaps, deficiencies, and vulnerabilities are identified and remedied. The formal evaluation focuses on key areas of an emergency decontamination operation and includes an After Action Report that benchmarks your facility’s decontamination capability. DQE works directly with the client to develop an exercise scenario in-line with HSEEP guidance. Our certified HSEEP instructors act as onsite controllers/facilitators to ensure a realistic, yet safe decon exercise environment.

DurationDetermined during the project scoping process

Class Size: Based on the project scope

Class Location: On site at the client hospital