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All-Hazards Planning

"We came away with no EM findings on the survey.  The surveyor was very complimentary of the EOP.  We can not thank you enough for helping us create this EMP."

Carolinas Medical Center, Environmental Health & Safety Manager


Emergency Decontamination Operations Plan

An accidental release of hazardous substances is one of the more common disaster-prone events hospitals and communities face. If the release results in injuries or contamination, the victims typically receive their initial evaluation and treatment from the closest hospital regardless of the institution’s level of preparedness.

The Emergency Decontamination Operations Plan is a planning document that augments the hospital’s existing Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and incorporates the fundamental principles of all-hazards emergency management.  The plan provides for proper recognition, notification and plan activation procedures; staff safety, roles and responsibilities; incident management; decontamination area setup; and emergency decontamination procedures. 


The hospital forms a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary planning team that can be actively engaged for the duration of the project. The Emergency Decontamination Operations development process leverages a highly-collaborative planning model that is facilitated by DQE through a series of remote and/or on-site consultation and utilizes a proprietary planning tool that focuses on:

  • Method to recognize potentially contaminated persons
  • Procedure for safely directing the person out of the hospital to an isolated area for further evaluation
  • Process of notifying persons who are qualified to assess and manage contaminated persons
  • Plan for physical location of contaminated patient staging, decontamination, and Decon Team assembly
  • Personal protective equipment use and protocols
  • Decontamination procedures
  • Security Provisions
  • Post decontamination follow up procedures