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HICS Training

"The instructor was very interactive with participants.  It was very good material and very well presented!"

Milford Hospital, Nurse Supervisor


Awareness Level Decontamination Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires hospitals to provide First Responder Awareness Level Decontamination Training to hospital personnel who may encounter a contaminated patient or be called upon to support the decon process, but are not part of the hospital’s Decon Team. This includes emergency department personnel, security, set-up crew, triage staff, clinicians, clerks, and others associated with the decontamination process.

DQE Awareness Level Decontamination Training is ideal for introducing the important role your hospital plays in community health services to multiple staff members, local industry officials, and emergency responders.


The Awareness Level Decontamination Training Program combines lecture, case studies, and facilitated discussion to help attendees better recognize a hazardous material incident, make appropriate notification, and how to take necessary defensive actions.

Duration: 4 hours

Class Size: Maximum of 50

Classes Available Per Day: 2

Class Location: On site at the client hospital