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"We went through the Joint Commission with flying colors, and the surveyor even commented ours was best practice."

Scipps Green Hospital, Support Operations Director





Decontamination eLearning Program

DQE can help you achieve your hospital-based decontamination staff training goals in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. DQE-On-Demand® is a subscription-based internet training program that uses engaging animation and professional voice over to teach concepts and demonstrate patient decontamination skills clearly and effectively. Created in response to hospital requests for more efficient and affordable training, DQE-On-Demand is a scalable alternative that provides 24-hour access for ultimate flexibility.

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  • Decon Awareness Level
  • Decon Operations Level
  • Skill-specific decontamination training


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DQE-On-Demand Online Training provides the ultimate in healthcare emergency preparedness training flexibility.

  • Staff trains at their own pace with small, 15-30 minute courses and 24-hour access
  • DQE-On-Demand Program Administrators can track training progress with downloadable reports
  • Staff will be connected and kept current with relevant news feeds and educational resources
  • Programs are scalable with flexible, affordable subscription plans