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HICS Training

"The instructor was very interactive with participants.  It was very good material and very well presented!"

Milford Hospital, Nurse Supervisor




Achieve your staff training goals in a new, simple and efficient way with DQE-On-Demand eLearning for Healthcare Preparedness. DQE-On-Demand uses engaging animation and professional voice over to teach procedures and demonstrate emergency management skills clearly and effectively. Created in response to hospital requests for more efficient and affordable training for their staff, DQE-On-Demand is a scalable alternative that provides 24-hour access for ultimate flexibility.

Join the thousands of healthcare personnel that are using DQE-On-Demand for their emergency preparedness training and sustainment needs.


DQE-On-Demand has Powerful New Features:

  • Courses contain up-to-date industry standards for Decontamination, Evacuation, and Hospital Incident Command (HICS).
  • Save administrative time with the new, student self-enrollment feature.
  • No desktop? No problem. DQE-On-Demand is available on mobile devices, giving you even more ways to learn.
  • Quick and easy reports for administrators that are simple to export.
  • Use the Upload Zone to store Emergency Management documents in a central location for reference.
  • Unused seats don't expire! Don't worry about your seats expiring before you've had the chance to use them.

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 Learn More about Available Training Programs: 

Decontamination Evacuation Hospital Incident Command


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