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All-Hazards Planning

"We came away with no EM findings on the survey.  The surveyor was very complimentary of the EOP.  We can not thank you enough for helping us create this EMP."

Carolinas Medical Center, Environmental Health & Safety Manager


In-Hospital Chemical Spill & Release Training

Maintaining a specialized emergency response team to handle in-hospital chemical spills requires extensive training, costly equipment, and ongoing medical surveillance. Many of these issues can be avoided by training certain personnel in the immediate release area to identify and execute the appropriate response to all spills. In some cases, initiating an emergency response will include calling an outside response agency (community HazMat team). For small, incidental spills or releases, DQE will train your staff how to manage the containment, cleanup, and disposal safely and effectively in compliance with OSHA regulations.



Training educates individuals about chemical spills and how to distinguish between incidental releases and ones that require an emergency response. Attendees will be trained, based on OSHA standards, on proper incidental spill response protocols for containment, cleanup, and the discarding of release chemical, in addition to the use of spill kits. Furthermore, DQE will train participants on mitigation practices that will reduce spill volumes decreasing the risk of harmful exposure.

Duration: 4 hours

Class Size: Up to 25

Class Location: On site at client hospital